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Let Yourself Be Welcomed to Retail Dropshipping on Amazon

Amazon retail dropshipping has become a new era business practice in the vast ocean of online businesses. It is a very appealing business model that has brought a good change to many merchants, traders, and entrepreneurs, and it’s not surprising why. The answer is obvious—the unbridled expansions of the internet world that have brought a seamless development in e-Business. After all, we have to be dealing with a great number of people who live in the Amazon era, where 38% of the U.S. online retail sales take place with this e-commerce monster store. However, if you are an average businessman and want to boost a profitable retail dropshipping on amazon for your business in the UAE on this platform, eRevolute UAE is the best choice for you to get started with this new realm of online business.

We teach you the rules that every seller needs to play under Amazon’s rules, which can be pretty hard to follow and understand. But don’t you worry, our industry experts are here to assist you in the ever-changing fashion of e-Commerce; we have all the necessary information you should be having to start selling on Amazon. Let’s get into it that how eRevolute UAE is making a great difference in people’s lives!

Why Should You Take Amazon Retail Dropshipping Course?

We have noticed great potential in today’s youth and experienced entrepreneurs. All they need is a settled and well-maintained platform that could polish their skills to go ahead with the era of electronic commerce. It’s obvious to note that an entrepreneur would like to try Amazon dropshipping to add an ample chunk in his income and to expand his business. The reason for which eRevolute UAE has brought this Course in our specialties is that in 2019, Amazon had over 300 million active users and more than $280 billion generating the sales lead. By using the Amazon platform as a sales channel, it can be a great opportunity for your business that can mean big returns on your energy and investment.

Amazon Retail Dropshipping is the business model of selling a product without the responsibility of buying or holding an inventory or shipping the goods to the customers. The product manufacturer is solely responsible for producing and issuing the product, maintaining his inventory, and shipping the goods to the customer on behalf of you. You are the middleman acting as a commission agent for the efforts that you put into bringing the customer to the sale line. Your job as a drop shipper is purely to maintain an online store, otherwise known as an online presence where you can handle everything customer-pertained, from accepting their orders and entertaining queries by placing those orders with the signed supplier and managing customer services.

One of the many benefits of this dropshipping program offered by Amazon is that Amazon offers some of the fastest shipping or delivery times on the market, so the customers get their products even sooner than anywhere else in the world. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in terms of customer behavior from the 21st century, it’s that customers love to have fast delivery times.

What do You learn in this Course?

In the Amazon Retail Dropshipping course, eRevolute UAE keeps a glance at UAE online market trends that allow you to have access to Amazon dropshipping. Follow us teach two main course objectives that you should learn to become an effective Amazon Retail Dropshipper. We offer a great range of online courses, and Amazon-related courses are some of those courses with high demand in the UAE market.

Drop Shipping Policy and Strategies

The main objective of the Course offered for teaching Amazon Retail Dropshipping course is that Dropshipping holds some policies that are defined by Amazon. A retailer must follow the policies, or allowing a third party to fulfill the placed orders to customers on your behalf, is not viable unless it is sound clear to the customer that you are the seller of the said products and record. The following examples of drop shipping are policy violations that may result in an abrogation of your registration to sell products on Amazon by using Amazon’s Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN):

  • Purchasing inventory from some online retailers and having that retailer ship directly to designated customers. If the shipment does not meet you as the seller of record. Or if anyone other than you (such as the other online retailer) appears on package slips, receipts, or the external packaging. It is strictly disallowed without exception; or
  • Shipping orders with packaging slips, receipts, external packing, or other information is indicating. That the seller’s name or contact information is other than your registered name and info that is also strictly forbidden.

Any time a customer foresees packaging, receipts, or invoiced by identifying a seller that is not representing you or Amazon. It generates panic for the customer about how their order is being utilized. And whom they should contact in case of any problems or questions.

If you intend to fulfill orders by using a dropshipping process, you must always:

  • Have a settled agreement with your supplier to represent you (and no one other than you). As a seller of their inventory on all packing slips, receipts, external packing, and other information. Included or provided in connection with the dispatched products;
  • Remove any pre-packaging slips, pasted invoices, external packaging, or other information related to the third party. By identifying a third-party dropshipper prior to shipping the order to the customer.
  • Be responsible for taking orders and welcoming customer in case of returns of your products; and

Comply with all other terms and conditions of your seller agreement and applicable to the Amazon policies

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