Amazon Seller Account Suspended? Don’t Panic!

eRevolute offers help for your suspended Amazon account

It might be a panicking situation for most UAE vendors on Amazon to have their Vendor Amazon Suspended Account. The majority think they have to get account recovery services from international consultancies to recover their penalized Amazon seller account. This hassle is no more there as eRevolute UAE is here to assist you with rescuing your Amazon account. we are the professional solution to all your businesses’ issues in UAE, thereby saving your service charges in dollars. We provide all of the e-Commerce, primarily Amazon-related services for UAE entrepreneurs. A good number of merchants and companies have been endorsing us for our assistance in offering solutions to their problems.

eRevolute Offers Help For Your Suspended Amazon Account

We are a cadre of professionally trained experts. We have been working on Amazon since its early journeys. We have learned the master skills to work on Amazon and cater to UAE Amazon sellers’ solutions to resolve problems related to their Amazon vendor accounts. One of the most common issues which arise in some cases is the suspension of the Amazon account for a seller. There can be several reasons for the Account Debarring. We have some exciting solutions to get your account resuscitated. Our team of skilled professionals thoroughly analyzes and comes up with a solid solution to recover back your account.

eRevolute-Most Effective Solution to your Account Resuscitation

eRevolute provides effective solutions to any Amazon-Centric problem and will be happy to assist you. We will leave no stone unturned to recover your Amazon Suspended Account. If, for instance, the account is not recovered, all service charges will be reimbursed.

We take the following steps for a swift Amazon Account Recovery.

Sorting Your Blocked Account Issues

We follow a plan of action to get you back to your Amazon selling. We do it after assessing the primary cause of the Amazon account blockage. Before a persuasion request to Amazon to reverse the suspension decision, your amazon blocked account needs to be in the best standing position to study. It means that we will sort out previous issues and notifications before sending an appeal to the concerned authorities of Amazon.



If the cause of your Amazon Account Suspension is due to underrated performance, we will assist you in correcting the neutral and bad feedbacks left by the angry customers. We also assess the account metrics within Amazon’s target policies before appealing. We categorize the challenging aspects. We further clarify the changes required to be made in the way you may control your Amazon Account. We also lodge the appeal letter for you as per the correct structure by focusing on identifying the problems. Meanwhile, our team also lends you tips for presenting the solid arguments that Amazon requires.

Customized Services

Unlike some other solution-providing companies, which copy-paste your facts and figures in their pre-design templates, eRevolute UAE carefully takes every case into proper consideration for a better solution. We provide separate dedicated services to each appeal according to the specific root cause. Our consultants offer the highest level of customized services by thoroughly assessing your business’s nature and Amazon suspension reason.


Discuss Your Problem and Leave the Rest Assured

Based on the fact that Amazon has its own style of business communication. While dealing with an appeal for Amazon Account Suspension, you likely will have issues understanding Amazon’s language. the critical reason you might get to worry about is figuring out the language of Amazon. Thanks to years of experience, our experts understand the particular language of Amazon. We also take care of the process from scrutinizing issues, building a plan of action to file the appeal to the Amazon concerned authorities.